Teaching Philosophy

Teaching, for me is, passing on knowledge, self-discipline, and effective work habits. It is imparting through violin lessons, confidence in one’s ability to pull together components of previous learning, to solve a present challenge. I might ask, for example:

How did you get the tone you liked in the study we just did, and how you could get the same tone in this passage in this new piece?

Now show me!

How do I teach?

I believe that I teach with love for the student and love of music.

I teach by showing an example of what I want the student to do, how to do a technique, how to shape a phrase, etc. In short, “I play, now you play.”

I teach by breaking down the challenges into small more easily mastered pieces.

In short, I teach by the Suzuki method.

Whom do I teach?

While I was an active violin teacher, I offered violin lessons to boys and girls beginning at age 4 or 5 and I took on students all through grade and high school ages and I have taught adults. Some of course, were beginners, others ranged up through high school orchestra levels. Today, my teaching is shared through my blog and booklets. You can access these by becoming a member.

What do I teach?

Well, violin! And viola! But I hope that students also learn how to listen to themselves others appreciatively, so as to be able to learn from those around them. I also hope they develop the finer side of the human being, which is often displayed in the arts. I especially employ the tenets of the Suzuki method for teaching younger children.

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